The Production

We have always believed that only through scrupulous controls adopted at every processing stage, we can create products that have excellent features, and this is the philosophy with which Lady Leaf is cultivated from the nursery. The detailed cultivation procedures that continue in the open field and the rotation processing allow us to minimise the use of pesticides. Therefore, we obtain plants that are recognisable for their freshness and durable fragrance, extraordinary flavour, and brilliant colour.

The Lady Leaf endive has a distinctive taste with the sweet and bitter contrast and exciting crunchiness, the result of over forty years of a pursuit of excellence.


Processing procedure

The scrupulous processing of the Lady Leaf cultivation involves the whitening of the heart of the endives, which is obtained by combining the basal leaves. After the collection, they are washed thoroughly and selected. Subsequently, the Lady Leaf plants undergo scrupulous packaging operations carried out by professional workers that guarantee the quality of the product to taste through a careful selection.



The packaging of our products has been specifically designed to allow safe long journeys and maintain the freshness of the endive unchanged until consumption.

Endive (Cichorium endivia, Asteraceae)

Endive is a vegetable belonging to the chicory group that includes similar vegetables with a bitter taste. This light and refreshing salad, in addition to being rich in flavour, is low in calories and has a strong concentration of fibres that give it a turgid and crunchy texture.

Its leaves are a source of vitamin B9, important for cell renewal; they contain vitamin A, an ally for the development and functioning of the retina and an adjuvant in the resistance to infections; they contain vitamin C, an important natural antioxidant; and they also have vitamin K that, besides protecting the bones and having anti-inflammatory properties, is essential for blood clotting. So, endive is also a source of minerals like manganese, copper, iron and potassium, it is a precious ally in a balanced diet (100 Kcal of endive cover around 100% of the vitamin C and fibre requirements and almost three times the daily requirement of vitamin B9



Has crunchy, smooth leaves, with a taste that is less bitter than other varieties.



It has curly leaves with a slightly bitter taste.