The company

Lady Leaf is deeply rooted in the authentic enthusiasm that has always been the guiding light for agricultural cultivation for the Fornari family. Our mission is to offer products of excellent quality that keep an eye on the consumer’s health. On the market for three generations, we explore the land, collect, and create new elements of life, and the endive we offer to the final taster has a recognisable taste and texture. The land used to cultivate the Lady Leaf seem mosaics of nature and earth, skilfully joined, that respect a genuine love for traditional cultivation.

Why choose Lady Leaf?


Quality of products

Cultivating high-quality salads has always been an indispensable scope for Fornari that guarantees an optimal production throughout the year


A family-run business

The company has over forty years of agricultural tradition, rooted in an expertise that is difficult to imitate and passed down from generation to generation


A market leader

After years of continuous growth, today Fornari farms through its five brands are positioned as leaders in salads