A new snack concept is born from observing the hectic pace of our daily lives that often force us to leave little time for nutrition.

Lady Leaf Snack is an absolute novelty for the market that, for the first time, has a smack that is a pleasant and fresh combination of salad leaves combined with many and tantalising nourishing fruits and delicate dressings. To complement the properties of the Snack, there are also the best dressings of Italian tradition: 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil produced from olive trees cultivated in Tuscany and the “Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP” Cream.

The exclusive container, protected with a film specially designed for white leaves, allows to regulate the breathability of the fresh product that continues to live until it meets the palate of the consumer.

Lady Leaf Snack is a natural temptation, ready to taste and discover at any time of the day.